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November 12, 2012
Habitus #17 'Throw of the dice'

With its focus on the colour green, this house by architect Matt Gibson A & D was a great fit for everything I like writing about. I met the owner, Sarah, as well as interviewed Matt, before heading to the home itself and enjoying a tour. It also features my favourite wall paper by Cole & Sons, which I've spotted around town a litte of late. Complete with a voyeuristic bathroom that is visible from the street, this home was a highlight to review. Read it here.

November 12, 2011
The Australian 'New angle on design'

I headed to the office of Studio505 for this article, on a new facade system they were designing, in collaboration with architect, Matthew Bird, of Studio Bird for the Wintergarden shopping centre in Brisbane. It was a pretty amazing design, and the detail on the project was incredible. These guys are doing a lot of work in Asia, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of their unique panel work on Australian buildings. Read it here.

August, 2011
DQ #42 'At your service!'

I was asked to delve a little more into the nature of service design, and how Australian designers are adding this little niche to their studio offering. I met some great guys in the process, who took the time to welcome me into their offices. I saw a lot of post-it notes. Read it here.

July, 2011
Indesign #44 'Green capping - urban spaces'

I love writing about green roofs, and this was one of the first I did on the subject. I met wtih a few of the leading architects to chat about noteworthy, new projects around Australia, and this article is the result. Read it here.

July, 2010
Indesign #41 'Melbourne's affordable future'

For this feature I was interested in checking out how our architects are designing spaces more cleverly in order to provide a greater quantity of housing. I was particularly interested in the projects that offered a mixed use for low income households - and luckily, found these architects doing just that. Read it here. 

November, 2010
Houses #72 'Rear Windows'

The Courytard House was pretty well known as the winner of a few architecture awards this year, and I met David Vernon to review it. It was his own home, and I enjoyed seeing the house in action. For some reason, my favourite memory was the lampshade he fashioned himself, which was in the dining room. I also noted the house for sale recently, so perhaps another family can enjoy its delightful spaces. Read it here.

February, 2010
Houses #71 'Ma Cerise'

I met architect, Fiona Dunin, of FMD Architects for this one. Fabulous, modern renovation of a place in Carlton. Of note is the use of mirroring on the staircase, and the use of bamboo. I headed to Fiona's office on Russell St to learn more, and completed a review too. A highlight. Read it here.

April, 2006
The Age 'Sustainability is good business'

This was one of the first pieces I wrote on sustainability. I enjoyed researching this one, which highlighted the CH2 building on Little Collins St. I later had the opportunity to check out the roof top garden and always enjoy the opportunity to ride the glass enclosed lifts. Read it here.