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Blobs are back in the Big Apple

I went to New York a couple of months back. First time. I knew I'd fall in love with the place, and it got me like a deer in headlights. Highlights? Hmm. On a large scale, the Empire State building was a hot mess of steel, as was the Chrysler. But there was plenty of small stuff too. Like the bulldog – Chester – who we met at the wine shop down the street. If you know bulldogs, they ain’t too dainty on their feet. But the owner of this bulldog danced around his shop like he was on hot potatoes, and Chester shuffled and snuffled at his moving feet, drooling on his shoes and throwing himself around to our great hilarity.


But I digress. While we were in Madison Square Park, I spotted these pastel-coloured fibreglass blobs. Dribbling on a park bench, perched on a picnic table and on their own, the friendly elements look Ghostbuster-esque but actually form an installation by sculptor Charles Long, ‘Pet Sounds’.  If you lean in to one of the blobs, they emit funny futuristic noises. Brilliant.

This week, while researching a story on hotels, I stumbled upon some images of a new pastry boutique in Mexico, Cioccolato. Turns out it has a blob too. A pinky purple-y one that appears to slide off a table, but is actually a table leg. This snazzy refit was done by Savvy Studio. Go the blob.

So who's for some pastry goodness?!

I needed one final project to complete this post, and it came to me yesterday via Contemporist, in the form of the Melted Snow Table by AAStudio, from Romania. It’s made of corian and was designed to resemble a rock formation covered in snow. Maybe it’s because I’m thinking more about blobs for some reason right now, but I'm happy to go with the rock.   

Hell, they all work right? Blobs are back. Cheers, A

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