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Open House Melbourne 2012

Hot off the press: I covered this year's OHM for Indesignlive. Read it here. I took a few snaps on my own camera while en route, before it rather inconveniently went flat.

Highlights included Lend Lease's new Forte building, which will be built out of timber in a first for Australia.

Next up, I headed to Hamer Hall to see what all the fuss was about. Totally justified. ARM has done a sensational job with its renovation and it's certainly worth meandering through each space to admire its handiwork. It's harmonious, delicate and also respects what has come before.

Fitzroy followed. I wanted to see some residential projects, and see how architects are designing around existing spaces in inner city areas.

Welcome to 32 Kerr Street Apartments. This is a smart residential building that uses the arcade beneath the apartments as a thoroughfare for residents. The garages lining each side of the arcade can also be transformed into office spaces. Not only does this create a multi function, but in doing so creates more opportunities for interacting with neighbours.

I also liked the building's grill facade.

Finallly, I wandered up the road to the Hive Grafitti apartments. Designed by Zvi Belling and his neighbour, Prowla, the buidling highlights how a lot can be achieved on a small building footprint. The most exciting aspect was the building's facade, designed by Prowla with hip-hop typography adding an urban, edgy feel.

The nearby grafitti's pretty cool too.




Wintergarden - a new face for Brisbane

Wintergarden is the latest façade system to be installed in Brisbane. As part of the Wintergardens shopping centre, it will showcase an innovative and painstakingly delicate series of metal panels that together create the effect of a live forest.

While the shopping centre has been refurbished many times - costing millions - experts believe this time around, it's here to stay. The facade system will cost about $30 million, with the rest of the development set to cost a further $70 million.

As part of the design, architect Matt Bird became part of the team at Studio505. The project has been in the pipeline for months, and Matt worked on complex modelling and drafting the façade system. It will eventually measure about 40m tall and 39.7m wide.

The intricate panel system first involved creating metal screens, complete with the patterns, shapes and motifs that would eventually multiply to form the final design. At Studio505's office, Matt showed me some of the metal work he had been putting together. Very pretty!

 The project was launched in May, 2012. You can see a little more information about it here.