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Wintergarden - a new face for Brisbane

Wintergarden is the latest façade system to be installed in Brisbane. As part of the Wintergardens shopping centre, it will showcase an innovative and painstakingly delicate series of metal panels that together create the effect of a live forest.

While the shopping centre has been refurbished many times - costing millions - experts believe this time around, it's here to stay. The facade system will cost about $30 million, with the rest of the development set to cost a further $70 million.

As part of the design, architect Matt Bird became part of the team at Studio505. The project has been in the pipeline for months, and Matt worked on complex modelling and drafting the façade system. It will eventually measure about 40m tall and 39.7m wide.

The intricate panel system first involved creating metal screens, complete with the patterns, shapes and motifs that would eventually multiply to form the final design. At Studio505's office, Matt showed me some of the metal work he had been putting together. Very pretty!

 The project was launched in May, 2012. You can see a little more information about it here.