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Some stories are just a lot of fun to write. It may be a great interview, intriguing story or a fascinating person - the words roll out and the feature's done. Some reflect a mood or interests at certain times, while others explore great themes. Here are a few absolute favourites:

December 15, 2011
The Australian 'Rialto sweet on organic honey'

I had a blast researching and writing this one. Fascinating topic on urban beekeeping and I enjoyed chatting with a few of the real trailblazers in this industry: Lyndon was a joy to speak with, as were Vanessa and Matt. All have an inherent passion and respect for bees and their craft and are busy spreading the good word - and taste - of organic honey that you can harvest in your own backyard, or roof top as was the case here. Read it here.

April 5, 2006
The Age - Domain 'Bush right on Kew'

This was one of the first property reviews I was asked to write for The Age. And I loved it. The home was beautifully nestled - almost hidden - on the banks of the Yarra and I adored being shown around its strong timber features. If you stick around to the end par, you'll get an idea of why I enjoy peeking through places like this. It was one of the first times I injected a little of my own personality into a piece. Read it here.

November 25, 2004
The Hendon Times 'It's a jungle up there'

When I lived in London, I sub-edited a few sections of this weekly newspaper, including the property section. I was responsible for sourcing a new property-related topic each week, finding images and then editing it on the page. This is an example of one of the stories I put together for it. Funnily enough, it's about living gardens on roof tops. What a surprise! Read it here.