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October, 2012
Herald Sun Display Homes #31 'By the book'

My editor commissioned me to piece together a story on how best to fit out a study. Straight away I turned to interior designer, Diane Bergeron, whose work I have long admired. We enjoyed a coffee and a chat near her Collingwood office, and it was a pleasure to finally meet her and feature her comments for this story. Read it here.

September, 2012
(inside) #73 FOLIO Insight 'Seasoned Appeal'

We were very happy with the way this feature turned out. It was about designing for climate, and how the position of the sun - or not - has such a powerful impact on the way we live. I interviewed a number of architects about their views, and profiled a few hot looking projects as well to illustrate their thoughts. Read it here.

July, 2012
(inside) #72 FOLIO Insight 'Enlightening Desigin'

This one was all about lighting - and I wanted to take a look at the hottest developments in sustainable lights. I discovered LED will slowly start penetrating the market, as well as interviewed David Trubridge from his studio in New Zealand. It was Inspiring listening to hear him talk about his design process - story telling. Read it here.

July, 2012
(inside) #72 SPOTLIGHT 'Luxe Effect'

I also wrote three advertising promotion pieces for this issue of (inside). It's great to hear the latest from designers and brands directly, and it's their opportunity to give readers information on whatever they deem is important at that time to their business. This one was on Mondoluce, and a new range by Vistosi - Diadema. Read it here.

June, 2012
DQ #45 'The power of four'

I headed to Zuster on Swan St for this story, to meet Willy, its head designer. The whole family is involved in the furniture design business, and their story is inspiring. The sisters were gearing up for more colour as part of their new season's fit out, and all four were busily preparing for the summer. Read it here.

December, 2011
Home Beautiful 'Inside and out'

For this story I met the interior designer, Fiona Austin, first before she put me in touch with Fiona, the owner of this stylish family home. I'd met Fiona when I reviewed her 1950s house in Beaumaris for the Bayside Leader a few years ago, and stayed in touch. Read it here.

August, 2011
Indesign #46 'Back to Nature'

Writing this review was great fun. For a start, The Botanical was down the street from where I was living at the time, and just a walk along Domain Rd to meet with the designer, Adrian, whose company did the fit out of this South Yarra institution. I particularly loved seeing The Archer Bar, at the back, with its Tom Dixon pendants and lush green, living wall. Read it here. 

November, 2011
Display Homes #28 'Cooking in colour'

I've been writing for the Herald Sun's Display Homes magazine for a few years now. They're a great team and I enjoy heading out to discover the latest trends in display homes twice a year. As the magazine has become more stylish, there are more interior features to read and for this issue I took a closer look at the best ways to introduce colour into the kitchen. Read it here.  

November, 2011
Display Homes #28 'What lies beneath'

For the same issue, I also took a look at rugs, and how the right rug can be chosen to reflect our spaces. Shag pile is in, but cost is always the biggest factor. Isn't it always?! Read it here.

June, 2011
Indesign #45 'Top Shelf' 

I met Mark Simpson for this story. We had coffee and chatted in Collingwood, and he told me about his move over to Melbourne and how the studio was going. He loved working on MUD Australia, and since publication, the company has expanded into Sydney and New York, while Mark is now part of DesignOffice, still based in Melbourne. Read it here.