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July, 2012
Residential Developer #19

I helped edit this issue too, which was all about the market outlook. Read it here. We asked a few of the bright lights in the industry about their thoughts on the market - and not all of it was positive. Issue #19 was the last printed version before the magazine headed off into the digital world. 

June, 2011
Residential Developer #18 

I edited this Issue #18 of the magazine, working with the team at the Property Council of Australia. You can check it out here. In this issue, we followed a green theme, profiling some interesting developments with a sustainability bent, and talked with the people who make it all happen.

November 13-14, 2010
The Australian 'Green idea takes root at the top'

I have a real love for green roofs. Any time I can write about them, I jump with gusto. This feature is about Grocon's new Pixel building, which features a green roof amongst some other impressive sustainable credentials. I chatted with CEO, Daniel Grollo for this one, who never sits on his laurels for too long. Read it here.

May 25, 2010
Leader Newspapers - Property

I was a casual property reporter for Leader Newspapers for a few years, and writing the Houses of the Week reviews for the Bayside Leader was one of my favourite aspects. Many were like this one pictured - big, bold and beachside. The owners were usually great to chat with, and the opporutnity to peek through some of Bayside's biggest mansions was a voyeur's dream come true. Read it here.

January 10, 2009
Herald Sun 'A place where buyers do their homework' 

The Docklands is a great divider when chatting to Melburnians - you either love it or hate it. For this story, I wanted to find out more behind the people desiging it, and living there. I met architect, David Napier for a coffee and a chat, who showed me through his building that offers unique work places blurring home and office. It's spread over two pages, page 1 and page 2.

April 28, 2009 
Leader Newspapers - Property 

Another House of the Week feature for the Bayside Leader, this one of Lisa McCune's home in Sandringham. She was absolutely delightful to chat with, and her home was filled with wonderful bits and pieces the family had collected over the years. For some reason I remember little bottles filled with sand, and I think Lisa's husband had a full-sized arcade game of space invaders. Read it here.

January 17, 2009
Herald Sun 'A penthouse sweet'

I'm not sure why I'm so interested in penthouses, but I suggested this story to my editor and he went for it. I hunted out my subject, who owns a beautiful penthouse in South Melbourne, and he was happy to show me around his quarter-top floor of the building. The story is spread over two pages, page 1 and page 2

November 17-18, 2007
The Australian 'Seachangers earn their keep' 

I wanted to take a closer look at the spa industry in Australia, and I found Annie through Surfcoast Tourism, in Lorne. She owns Lorne's Endota Spa and has a beautiful home that she shares in the hilltops a street back from Bells Beach. I headed there for the interview, and this story is the result. Read it here.